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Hamilton’s 98 RH -replaces virtually any night depository without changes to masonry.

When replacing an old depository:
• No chipping of concrete is required
• All work can be performed from the exterior of the building
• Ideal upgrade where UL specifications must be met
• Designed for industry standard deposit bags up to 7" x 11"
• Does not require structural changes to building or masonry
• Replaces virtually any night depository
• For both envelope and key-authorized deposits
• Stainless-steel all-weather construction Actual retrofit
Hamilton's 80UC -the industry standard for 30 years, the UL Listed 80UC provides the toughest protection against physical attacks.
• Maintenance free stainless steel exterior
• Designed for both Drive-up and Walk-up applications
• Contains Anti-fish, embedded alarm system and physical security shield protection features
• Supplies storage and light come standard
• Weather-seal kit included
• 80UC night head can be combined with a safe and chute to form a complete integrated depository system
80UC Brochure