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NCR SelfServe 22e Lobby ATM
The NCR SelfServ™ 22e provides the perfect cash dispense solution for any inside ATM, whether in bank branches or in off-premise locations.

Features intuitive design and a compact footprint, the
SelfServ 22e is capable of handling the highest transaction volumes to deliver transactions to consumers where and when they need them.

SelfServ 22e also offers:

- Unique security features, significantly reducing operational risk and increasing customer satisfaction.

The only ATM with protected USB architecture, a recessed PIN pad for additional PIN security and a dispenser fully enclosed within the safe.

SelfServ 22e's high energy efficiency also drives down the total cost of ownership. This is achieved through less cabling, LED lighting and a 50% reduction in energy consumption thanks to its unique processor architecture. The SelfServ 22e is one of the most energy efficient inside ATMs on the market.
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