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The Montgomery Vault Door

Hamilton's Montgomery Vault Door delivers maximum security with architectural appeal. Available in UL-Listed Class 1, 2 & 3 ratings, Hamilton's door is tough, reliable and loaded with many feature to meet your needs.

Standard Features for the Montgomery Door include:
- Low maintenance stainless steel construction
- Two UL-Listed four wheel indirect drive vault locks
- One UL-Listed three movement - 144 hour resettable Timelock
- Heat dissipating locking bar that runs the full height of the door
- Emergency Release Mechanism a Life Safety feature
- Emergency Ventilator
- Heat sensor and door contact with terminal strip connection
- Framed smoked acrylic daygate included with vault door
- Right or left swing door
- Standard door is 36"W x 79"H...
Need a Custom Size - Just Ask Us!
Modular Vaults

Hamilton's modular vault panels provide the ultimate in security and flexibility. Panels are lighter and easier to install than poured on-site concrete walls. Plus, as your vault needs change, Hamilton panels allow you the flexibility to increase your vault by adding more panels, or if consolidating branches, panels can be relocated to a different site.
Vault Panels are UL Listed and available in Class 1, 2, 3 and M ratings.

We specialize in custom size vault solutions, so odd shaped rooms or special heights can easily be accommodated.
Hamilton Safe manufactures vaults and vault doors that are secure, reliable and customized to fit your exact needs.